Special Mixers on Operatix Friday!

Buy tickets through our Operatix program for opera lovers aged 15-30 for our Friday performances and join us for a special mixer after the show to enjoy some drinks and chat with your fellow Operatix patrons and Opera Atelier artists.

Operatix tickets are available for all performances – but only attendees on Fridays get to enjoy this special event! Buy your $15 Operatix tickets now:

Click here for tickets to Actéon & Pygmalion and quote OPERATIX at time of purchase.

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Not just a student discount

Get tickets to some of Toronto’s sexiest productions for only $15! Take advantage of this opportunity to see Opera Atelier’s unique blend of theatre, opera, and ballet: these $15 tickets – over 75% off regularly priced tickets! – are available to anyone 15-30 years old.


How to buy:

Click here for tickets to Actéon & Pygmalion and quote OPERATIX at time of purchase.

Click here for tickets to Idomeneo and quote OPERATIX at time of purchase.

What you need:
Proof of age – 15-30 years old – when you pick up your tickets.*

Who to bring for $15:
Friends, siblings, co-workers, dates – anyone! Amateurs and aficionados alike will enjoy an evening at the opera.*

What to wear:
Originally an art form for a privileged few, opera has evolved into an international multi-media crowd pleaser. Feel free to dress up and make a night of the experience, or down and immerse yourself fully in the production in the comfort of your favourite jeans.

Late entrances:
Out of respect for our performers and the audience, those who arrive after the lights have gone down in the theatre will be seated when there is an appropriate break in the performance.

What to do at the theatre:
Remember to turn off your phone when you enter the theatre and keep it out of sight to prevent distracting the artists and those around you from the performance. Sound, image and video recording of any kind is not permitted in the theatre, so be sure to leave your camera in your bag or check it at coat check.

What is Baroque Opera?

Baroque opera has its beginnings in the late Renaissance in Italy. It was originally conceived as an attempt to revive ancient Greek drama. As absolute monarchs throughout Europe identified themselves more and more strongly with Greek heroes and mythmakers, they appropriated these stories and frequently used them as a means of personal promotion. The greatest composers of the world lent their talents to developing this art form, which came to be seen as one of the sublime examples of human creativity. Opera encompasses all of the arts, and has enjoyed unparalleled popularity from its conception right up to today.

Opera or Ballet?

Opera combines the best of all worlds – spectacular singing, rich orchestral sounds, drama, dance, beautiful sets, lavish costumes, elaborate lighting and special effects. These artistic qualities combine to make opera one of the most powerful and comprehensive art forms.
Dance is as integral to the telling of a story as the libretto (script) or score (music). The dancer’s role in Baroque opera is to act as a framework of movement and as a visualization of the music, enhancing the piece through grace, virtuosity and a stylish display of highly trained physiques, gorgeously costumed.

Tafelmusik Baroque Orchestra

In renaissance instrumental ensemble music, each part was played by one musician. Baroque composers continued to compose solo and chamber music but they also experimented with creating a fuller sound by putting several performers on one part to form an orchestra. Baroque composers began to compose more extended instrumental pieces than in former times and they created forms in which several movements could be grouped together.

Excerpt from Tafelmusik’s study guide, Go for Baroque by Allison Mackay

For more info, see our About the Art section.


Can’t wait for our single tickets to go on sale each year? Purchase a subscription and get priority access to our prime seats!

The fine print:
Limited to 2 tickets per order.
*Ticket holders must be 15-30 and show valid ID.
Subject to availability. All purchases final sale.

Top Banner: Opera Atelier's 25th Anniversary Photo Credit: Bruce Zinger 2010; Artists: Ben Cruchley,Leonie Gagne, Juri Hiraoka, Jeannette Lajeunesse Zingg, Patrick Lavoie, James Leja, Jennifer Nichols, Jack Rennie, Curtis Sullivan and Magda Vasko; Photographed at St. Lawrence Hall