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  1. Teenagers impressions of Poppea

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    I was pleasantly surprised when my somewhat flippant and definitely silly pop-song-referencing “tweet” summarizing the plot of the opera, (“To hell with virtue and fortune, Love Conquers All! (That’s Amore, And They Called it Poppy Love)”) was one of the winners of a pair of tickets for the Poppea performance through the Collaborative Piano Blog contest.  With the additional purchase of a $20 student ticket, I seized the opportunity to take my two teen-aged kids to their first Opera Atelier production.    I thought that perhaps you may not get much feedback from that generation and therefore might like to hear Read more

  2. “Conclusions say more than beginnings about the quality of the art.” R.H. Thomson blogs about Poppea

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    Conclusions say more than beginnings about the quality of the art. How a script concludes and a production lands will indicate the artistic company being kept. In film most writers can create an intriguing beginning, few an intriguing ending. The maturity of the artist usually reveals itself in the last act.


    The Coronation of Poppea landed exquisitely last night. The singers, the extraordinary music of Monteverdi, Marshall Pynkoski’s staging, the design and the work of the Tafelmusik Baroque Orchestra, all combined to create a painful beauty, a beauty etched with the emotional corruption of a decaying empire. In the concluding Read more

  3. “Loved Desperate Housewives: Ancient Rome Edition.”

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    Loved Desperate Housewives: Ancient Rome Edition. 


    Poppea in particular was beautifully sung, and the closing duet was absolutely gorgeous.  Of course, OA’s usual high standards of design (was that a Venetian figure of death/cardinal looming over Poppea’s budoir?) were very much in evidence – Ottavia’s throne scenes were masteries of economy and style.  Great work OA: you’re an astonishing asset to the city of Toronto.


    Andrew Horberry


    Here are some blog posts sent to us about The Coronation of Poppea.




    Alan Adamson has been coming to Opera Atelier shows for many years. Read his impressions of Poppea.Read more

  4. Vox Populi in French anyone?

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    Please read about Myra Little’s impression of Poppea in her blog post. We will post her English entry as well later on...


    Hier soir, l’Opera Atelier a créé un spectacle rempli d’émotion intense, de drame, et de beauté visuelle. La présentation était étincelante et provoquante, et aussi un régal pour les sens. Les beaux costumes vénitiens du dix-septième siècle de Dora Rust D’Eye, ainsi que le décor somptueux de Gerard Gauci, du même époque, ont exprimé le désir du compositeur Claudio Monteverdi de faire un commentaire sur son époque d’après un épisode de l’histoire romaine. Monteverdi écrivit le Couronnement Read more

  5. It’s a story of power lust, treachery, seduction, and murder…

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    We are delighted to have Libby Znaimer (VP News and Information Classical 96.3FM and AM740 and host of “The Zoomer Report”)  guest blogging for us. Read on. – Marshall 

    It’s a story of power lust, treachery, seduction, and murder. But Opera Atelier’s The Coronation of Poppea offers more than your average operatic plot. The singing holds a strange gender-bending surprise that transports us to the lost, exotic world of the castrati. Yes folks, back in the mid-17th century, castrating young boys was considered a good career move. It was a shot at musical superstardom. Castrati got all the

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