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  1. Creating the Alcina image – Gerard and the first design

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    Meghan Lindsay and the Artists of Atelier Ballet. Photo by Bruce Zinger.

    Meghan Lindsay and the Artists of Atelier Ballet. Photo by Bruce Zinger.

    On Tuesday we released Opera Atelier’s official image for Handel’s Alcina and the response has been amazing. Both the photo and the video have attracted enormous attention on social media, and the interest continues to grow in Canada, the US and Europe!

    Many people have asked us how we go about crafting an image of this sort – What is the inspiration? Where does it begin? Who is involved? etc…

    The imaging of a production like Alcina is as important to us as every other aspect of … Read more

  2. Director’s Note & Synopsis



    Abduction from the Seraglio presents us with a classic Commedia dell’Arte scenario set in a fashionably exotic location. The Italian commedia is full of plays in which a beautiful young person (male or female) is sequestered away from the world by a controlling guardian or spouse. The delivery of the young person from their captivity becomes the driving force of the drama and is usually effected by a lover who is more suited to the captive in age and/or rank. Mozart’s Abduction from the Seraglio allows this classic Commedia dell’Arte plot line to be played out to brilliant effect … Read more

  3. Swordplay with Jennifer Valentyne!

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    The OA team met bright and early this morning at the Elgin to tape some segments for Breakfast Television.

    Jennifer Valentyne, James Leja, Christopher Stalzer & Jeremy Nasmith go over sword technique.

    Jennifer Valentyne, Marshall Pynkoski, Jeremy Nashmith, James Leja & Christopher Stalzer  go over sword technique.

    It was great to hang out with the lovely Jennifer Valentyne, and teach her a few moves from Abduction from the Seraglio!
    Check out this clip to see OA’s dancers working on the Wushu Sword Dance from Abduction.


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  4. An Evening of Courtly Pleasures

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    At Opera Atelier, our goal is to top the previous season with every production we present. We know our patrons expect no less from us, which is why our productions strive for a level of beauty and daring that captivates and inspires our audiences to greater levels of engagement.

    Jeanne Beker & Patricia Barretto (Opera Atelier's Executive Director)

    Jeanne Beker & Patricia Barretto (Opera Atelier’s Executive Director)

    It is this same approach we take to presenting our annual Versailles Gala. Our first gala started out as a small cocktail reception on the 68th floor of the Bank of Montreal and has now grown into one of the splashiest … Read more