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  1. OA dance workshop – an unprecedented success

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    Last night we completed our dance workshop for Iphigénie en Tauride. I would without any hesitation call it an unprecedented success. The Artists of Atelier Ballet never cease to amaze me. Their focus, energy level and sheer curiosity always exceed my highest expectations.

    Iphigénie requires dancers who not only move beautifully but who also bring an enormous degree of emotional commitment to the choreography. The dancers literally take the place of the chorus on stage and interpret not only the musical line, but text as well. They interact more closely with the singers than any other opera in OA’s Read more

  2. The artists begin to emerge

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    Rehearsals for Iphigénie are just around the corner and my favourite artists are beginning to surface.  Jeremy Nasmith (one of the founding Artists of Atelier Ballet) has just returned from Japan where he was teaching, choreographing and performing. Jeremy is one of our best fencers and will consequently be extremely busy in the upcoming Iphigénie dance workshop. He is currently taking class with Jeannette and continues to amaze all of us – a 30 year old with the jump and energy of someone 18.

    Kresimir Spicer (who will sing Orestes) has been in touch from Switzerland where he is singing Read more

  3. The excitement is building…

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    We are less than a month away from Opera Atelier’s summer workshop for the Artists of Atelier Ballet. During the workshop (which will take place at the National Ballet School) we will be experimenting with a choreographic style which acts as a bridge between Baroque dancing and early romantic ballet. This of course is in preparation for our fall production of Gluck’s undisputed masterpiece, Iphigénie en Tauride. Not only does the opera contain enormous amounts of dancing – Gluck also banished the chorus to the wings and chose to have the dancers take their place onstage, interpreting what the Read more

  4. It must be summer…

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    It’s a good thing that I find travelling to be an energizing experience. Having just returned from New York City I found myself in the midst of a crazy and extremely varied schedule which will probably not let up until the end of the summer.

    Jeannette and I are once again teaching at the Tafelmusik Summer Baroque Institute – Jeannette teaching period dancing to singers and instrumentalists and I am staging opera excerpts. The students come from all over the world and have an enormous variety of experience. It’s always a challenge trying to keep everyone busy and engaged. There … Read more

  5. In Response to a Letter…


    Earlier this month Jeannette and I received a letter from a charming couple who are OA subscribers. In their letter they assured us “we love what you do, and we hope to be back” – and they then went on to express their concern that our upcoming season was made up of two operas they had already seen.

    I thought it was important to answer their letter and give them an idea of why it is we choose to revisit repetoire. Our decision has little to do with saving money (all productions are extremely expensive) and more to do with Read more