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  1. Dress Rehearsal!

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    Even before we began last night’s dress rehearsal for Der Freischütz (The Marksman), I had an overwhelming sense of déjà vu – not because we had ever before produced Weber, rather because the almost unbearable nerves and excitement were reminiscent of those I had experienced prior to Opera Atelier’s first production of The Magic Flute in 1991.

    Every production is a risk, but every now and then a show appears which breaks new ground and challenges all of us in ways we could never have dreamed possible. Der Freischütz (The Marksman) is one of those shows, and last night … Read more

  2. Vox Populi in French anyone?

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    Please read about Myra Little’s impression of Poppea in her blog post. We will post her English entry as well later on...


    Hier soir, l’Opera Atelier a créé un spectacle rempli d’émotion intense, de drame, et de beauté visuelle. La présentation était étincelante et provoquante, et aussi un régal pour les sens. Les beaux costumes vénitiens du dix-septième siècle de Dora Rust D’Eye, ainsi que le décor somptueux de Gerard Gauci, du même époque, ont exprimé le désir du compositeur Claudio Monteverdi de faire un commentaire sur son époque d’après un épisode de l’histoire romaine. Monteverdi écrivit le Couronnement Read more

  3. It’s a story of power lust, treachery, seduction, and murder…

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    We are delighted to have Libby Znaimer (VP News and Information Classical 96.3FM and AM740 and host of “The Zoomer Report”)  guest blogging for us. Read on. – Marshall 

    It’s a story of power lust, treachery, seduction, and murder. But Opera Atelier’s The Coronation of Poppea offers more than your average operatic plot. The singing holds a strange gender-bending surprise that transports us to the lost, exotic world of the castrati. Yes folks, back in the mid-17th century, castrating young boys was considered a good career move. It was a shot at musical superstardom. Castrati got all the

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  4. Blog roll continues…

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    We received an impression from Jacqueline Myers, a technical writer who attended our dress. Enjoy. – Marshall

    Hello,  my name is Jacqueline Myers and my sister and I were at the dress rehearsal of The Coronation of Poppea last night.

    First of all, can I just say it was absolutely GORGEOUS.  I’m a huge fan of Opera Atelier and last night was once again stunning in the performance, set and fabulous costumes.   The coronation scene I think was my favourite; I felt as if I was watching a living painting.

    The reason I’m writing is just to give you feedback Read more

  5. Thoughts before opening…

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    The night before last we had our dress rehearsal of Poppea and it was so marvelous it practically makes me nervous. Thank God we ran out of time and were unable to complete our curtain calls, otherwise I’d be afraid that tonight’s opening would be jinxed. What with 1000 high school students in the theatre, we had an incredibly vocal, receptive audience- just what I had hoped for our performers.

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen our singers and dancers more engaged and focused. Even during the notes which we gave to the exhausted cast following rehearsal, there was still … Read more