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  1. Alcina Outtakes

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    At Opera Atelier, we take the imaging of the company very seriously. This being said, a five hour shoot involving seven naked people and little more than thousands of fall leaves to ensure a sense of modesty requires a sense of humour.

    We thought it would be interesting to give our friends a behind-the-scenes look at our beautiful Alcina image. It gives you an idea of the sort of magic that is worked by photographer Bruce Zinger, and all of our artists and creative team.


    Alcina’s “dress of leaves” under construction following two days of building.


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  2. Delightful Dancing at Abduction Working Rehearsal

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    Recently, Opera Atelier donors were treated to a behind-the-scenes look at the second day of rehearsals for the dancers in Abduction from the Seraglio. Having only had one day to rehearse before guests came to watch the creative process in action, we had a superb vantage point to observe the intricate detail and effort that goes into Jeannette’s choreography.

    As I was seated next to the piano bench, occasionally page-turning for pianist Jim Bourne, I marveled at the patience that each of our dancers displayed as they rehearsed a particularly challenging scene in Act 1. We are quite … Read more

  3. A video of our harlequin lovers

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    I’ve had many people ask me how Abduction from the Seraglio functions as a children’s show given the risqué nature of the story and dialogue that is often heavy on sexual innuendo.

    What I always remind them is that Abduction from the Seraglio is first and foremost a piece of Commedia Dell’Arte (think “I Love Lucy”) and like all great comedies it functions on multiple levels. Children will be enormously entertained at their own level. The story line itself is so exciting and the production is so full of visual humour that they will enjoy … Read more

  4. Making passion onstage

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    If you’re anything like us, when a romantic couple shares a steamy scene onstage or onscreen you’re too caught up in the moment to wonder how they made it so passionate. Just like any other scene they rehearse that kiss over and over. Here’s the first kiss between our goodie-goodie heroic couple, Belmonte (Lawrence Wiliford) and Konstanze (Ambur Braid)!

    If you experience technical difficulties, click here to check it out on YouTube!


    Lawrence Wiliford & Ambur Braid

    Stage Props

    Stage Props

    Director Marshall Pynkoski

    Director Marshall Pynkoski

    Stage Management

    Stage Management

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  5. Swordplay with Jennifer Valentyne!

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    The OA team met bright and early this morning at the Elgin to tape some segments for Breakfast Television.

    Jennifer Valentyne, James Leja, Christopher Stalzer & Jeremy Nasmith go over sword technique.

    Jennifer Valentyne, Marshall Pynkoski, Jeremy Nashmith, James Leja & Christopher Stalzer  go over sword technique.

    It was great to hang out with the lovely Jennifer Valentyne, and teach her a few moves from Abduction from the Seraglio!
    Check out this clip to see OA’s dancers working on the Wushu Sword Dance from Abduction.


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