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  1. Alcina Outtakes

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    At Opera Atelier, we take the imaging of the company very seriously. This being said, a five hour shoot involving seven naked people and little more than thousands of fall leaves to ensure a sense of modesty requires a sense of humour.

    We thought it would be interesting to give our friends a behind-the-scenes look at our beautiful Alcina image. It gives you an idea of the sort of magic that is worked by photographer Bruce Zinger, and all of our artists and creative team.


    Alcina’s “dress of leaves” under construction following two days of building.


    Our Alcina image … Read more

  2. Classical References for a Modern Image

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    The great 20th century painter Balthus (Balthasar Klossowski de Rola) once said

    “real modernity is in the reinvention of the past, in refound originality, based on experience and discovery”

    Vanished Splendors: A Memoir

    This point of view makes perfect sense to the entire creative team at Opera Atelier. In the case of production images, we draw our inspiration from iconic images from the past which we then reinterpret for our audience.

    When Gerard Gauci produced his preliminary sketch for Alcina, he unconsciously placed her in a posture which is as old as the earliest sculpted images of Venus/Aphrodite. The … Read more

  3. Creating the Alcina image – Gerard and the first design

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    Meghan Lindsay and the Artists of Atelier Ballet. Photo by Bruce Zinger.

    Meghan Lindsay and the Artists of Atelier Ballet. Photo by Bruce Zinger.

    On Tuesday we released Opera Atelier’s official image for Handel’s Alcina and the response has been amazing. Both the photo and the video have attracted enormous attention on social media, and the interest continues to grow in Canada, the US and Europe!

    Many people have asked us how we go about crafting an image of this sort – What is the inspiration? Where does it begin? Who is involved? etc…

    The imaging of a production like Alcina is as important to us as every other aspect of … Read more

  4. Director’s Note & Synopsis



    Abduction from the Seraglio presents us with a classic Commedia dell’Arte scenario set in a fashionably exotic location. The Italian commedia is full of plays in which a beautiful young person (male or female) is sequestered away from the world by a controlling guardian or spouse. The delivery of the young person from their captivity becomes the driving force of the drama and is usually effected by a lover who is more suited to the captive in age and/or rank. Mozart’s Abduction from the Seraglio allows this classic Commedia dell’Arte plot line to be played out to brilliant effect … Read more

  5. Bruce – The Mozart’s Magical Castle Build-A-Dragon

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    Bruce the Dragon

    Much like a vision or dream, the opportunity to be a part of this exciting experience came on sudden, without expectation, and without preconception. And much like a dream, so came Bruce, the dragon installation I designed and built with my stellar creative team.

    Joe Pagnan’s Bruce the Dragon installation for Mozart’s Magic Castle.

    Joe Pagnan’s Bruce the Dragon installation for Mozart’s Magic Castle.
    Come join us at Casa Loma and help cover him with scales!

    From the onset, his creation and concept came out of being a child. My team was told to think and act only as a child would think and act regarding him. For example, the … Read more