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  1. Abduction Set Design

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    When Mozart premiered Abduction from the Seraglio in 1782 the Turkish siege of Vienna was a distant and triumphant memory, long since commemorated by the invention of that forever-popular crescent shaped pastry know as the croissant. The Viennese, like many of their European neighbours, could now fearlessly luxuriate in the craze for all things exotic and with his comic opera featuring a pseudo-Turkish score Mozart enjoyed an enormous success.


    Artists and designers in 18th century Europe expressed their fascination with the east by dressing familiar forms in the colours, patterns and what they perceived to be … Read more

  2. The 2013 Versailles Gala!

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    This year’s Versailles Gala is going to rock! With a dynamic committee led by Diane Kazarian of PwC, a killer team of staff, and an army of volunteers, Opera Atelier is going host the most luxurious gala event yet on May 29th at the Ritz-Carlton.

    Grand Foyer Ballrooom prefunction

    Have you been to the Ritz-Carlton in Toronto? You should go. It’s absolutely stunning. Opera Atelier will take over the entire second floor, and after being welcomed upstairs, guests will see the magnificent views of Roy Thomson Hall from the floor-to-ceiling windows in the Grand Foyer.

    While our guests make their way … Read more

  3. Really Big Hair

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    In case you haven’t noticed, here at Opera Atelier, we believe in glamour! Over the years we’ve worked hard to develop a style that reflects the opulence and sensuality of operas from the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries. That style is evident in our promotional materials just as it is on stage.


    Promotional Image for Opera Atelier's 25th Anniversary. Photo by Bruce Zinger.

    Promotional Image for Opera Atelier’s 25th Anniversary.
    Photo by Bruce Zinger.


    In 1991, when I was asked to design a poster for The Magic Flute, I was excited to have the chance to create an image that synthesized all the … Read more

  4. Bruce – The Mozart’s Magical Castle Build-A-Dragon

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    Bruce the Dragon

    Much like a vision or dream, the opportunity to be a part of this exciting experience came on sudden, without expectation, and without preconception. And much like a dream, so came Bruce, the dragon installation I designed and built with my stellar creative team.

    Joe Pagnan’s Bruce the Dragon installation for Mozart’s Magic Castle.

    Joe Pagnan’s Bruce the Dragon installation for Mozart’s Magic Castle.
    Come join us at Casa Loma and help cover him with scales!

    From the onset, his creation and concept came out of being a child. My team was told to think and act only as a child would think and act regarding him. For example, the … Read more

  5. Mozart’s Magical Castle

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    Magical Mozart and the kids of Opera Atelier, ready for a month-long adventure! Photo by Bruce Zinger

    This holiday season, Opera Atelier and Casa Loma will partner to create Mozart’s Magical Castle, a month-long installation which will bring Toronto’s castle to life with the sights and sounds of Mozart’s beloved opera The Magic Flute. Running December 1-30, 2012, this unique interactive installation will feature a variety of performances, educational workshops, and creative activities that will expose participants of all ages to the music, dance and story of Mozart’s most famous opera in the magical environment of Casa … Read more