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  1. Delightful Dancing at Abduction Working Rehearsal

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    Recently, Opera Atelier donors were treated to a behind-the-scenes look at the second day of rehearsals for the dancers in Abduction from the Seraglio. Having only had one day to rehearse before guests came to watch the creative process in action, we had a superb vantage point to observe the intricate detail and effort that goes into Jeannette’s choreography.

    As I was seated next to the piano bench, occasionally page-turning for pianist Jim Bourne, I marveled at the patience that each of our dancers displayed as they rehearsed a particularly challenging scene in Act 1. We are quite … Read more

  2. A video of our harlequin lovers

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    I’ve had many people ask me how Abduction from the Seraglio functions as a children’s show given the risqué nature of the story and dialogue that is often heavy on sexual innuendo.

    What I always remind them is that Abduction from the Seraglio is first and foremost a piece of Commedia Dell’Arte (think “I Love Lucy”) and like all great comedies it functions on multiple levels. Children will be enormously entertained at their own level. The story line itself is so exciting and the production is so full of visual humour that they will enjoy … Read more

  3. Abduction Set Design

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    When Mozart premiered Abduction from the Seraglio in 1782 the Turkish siege of Vienna was a distant and triumphant memory, long since commemorated by the invention of that forever-popular crescent shaped pastry know as the croissant. The Viennese, like many of their European neighbours, could now fearlessly luxuriate in the craze for all things exotic and with his comic opera featuring a pseudo-Turkish score Mozart enjoyed an enormous success.


    Artists and designers in 18th century Europe expressed their fascination with the east by dressing familiar forms in the colours, patterns and what they perceived to be … Read more

  4. Director’s Note & Synopsis



    Abduction from the Seraglio presents us with a classic Commedia dell’Arte scenario set in a fashionably exotic location. The Italian commedia is full of plays in which a beautiful young person (male or female) is sequestered away from the world by a controlling guardian or spouse. The delivery of the young person from their captivity becomes the driving force of the drama and is usually effected by a lover who is more suited to the captive in age and/or rank. Mozart’s Abduction from the Seraglio allows this classic Commedia dell’Arte plot line to be played out to brilliant effect … Read more