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The last gala committee meeting for Opera Atelier 2013 Versailles Gala has just finished and I am on my way home: 15 days to go before the big event. I am thinking of all the great work done so far, the support both individuals and companies are showing, the gorgeous setting and entertainment laid out for the evening, and the pressing question of what to wear. Because… I am going to the Ball!

Funnily enough it was a gala I missed that brought me in contact with Opera Atelier in the first place. Exactly a year ago I was attending a board meeting for a fashion non-profit I support and someone mentioned this absolutely gorgeous, stylish, and extravagant affair, i.e. the Opera Atelier 2012 gala, the event not to be missed, it was whispered. Alas, I missed it: it was sold out.

That was only the beginning, as although I may have missed the gala, I wasn’t going to miss finding out more about a baroque opera company in Toronto!

To many Torontonians that have lived with Opera Atelier during its 28-year history it may seem perfectly normal that such a company exists. To me, it was and still is just amazing! Full stage performances of baroque opera oeuvres require such a fine balance of period awareness and contemporary taste that many countries with a much longer tradition in opera performing than Canada have just stopped bringing them on stage. That is without mentioning the huge demands posed by elaborate costumes, the creation of evocative and imaginative stage decor, the use of period ballet and original instruments. Opera Atelier does it every season with such gusto that they make it look easy.

I look forward to experiencing more of that contagious gusto for many years to come. Bravi!

– Rosaria


Rosaria Giorgi, Opera Atelier Gala Committee Member and Baroque Court Member, is the owner of the luxury travel group Oltrevia.

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One Response to “The Atelier of Wonders – Rosaria”

  • Jan Seger Lambert says:

    So nice to work with you on gala, and I loved your hairpiece and dress,and your joyful smile. I felt like a cherry in my Marchese pink and new to Jimmy Choos (so comfortable), def.need to lose some weight to pull it off, but I did enjoy the evening and think the committee did a great job. I just learned my husband bid on the emerald and won, so I will loan it to you for next year’s gala to match your beautiful ring and smile.
    All the best,
    Jan Lambert