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“It’s been a triumph in Salzburg. It’s been a triumph at La Scala. And now it’s a triumph in Toronto. On Thursday night, its hometown audience finally got a chance to see what the rest of the world has been raving about for the past couple of years. Opera Atelier’s production of Mozart’s early opera seria Lucio Silla finally opened to a packed house at the Elgin Theatre. It may be the most perfect production Marshall Pynkoski and Jeannette Lajeunesse Zingg have ever createdthe music is so brilliant, so beautiful, so dramatic…you owe it to yourself to see it if you can.”

– Globe and Mail review by Robert Harris

Lucio Silla, written by the 16-year-old Mozart, is an opera that examines the twin themes of love and liberty. It’s a work with a moral, but also one filled with beautiful melodies, and the Opera Atelier production captures the score’s splendour.”

– NOW Magazine review by Jon Kaplan

“To rescue an opera from undeserved oblivion is always a great achievement.  But Opera Atelier has revived Lucio Silla with such conviction and insight that we now hope that it will become a staple of its repertory and inspire other companies to rediscover the work in turn. The revival is a magnificent success and the audience rewarded the company with an exceptionally long and thunderous standing ovation.”

– Stage Door review by Christopher Hoile

“To say that a production by Toronto’s Opera Atelier is a beautiful thing is a little bit like saying that sea-water is salty. OA’s productions are always beautiful – and the current staging of Mozart’s Lucio Silla, which I saw on Tuesday evening at the Elgin Theatre, is no exception.”

– Eatock Daily review by Colin Eatock

“Concluding its 30th Anniversary Season, internationally acclaimed early opera interpreter, Opera Atelier, sets a new standard for excellence, its remarkable, self-confident production of Mozart’s youthful masterpiece firm evidence of the company’s command of period performance. An all-original iteration of stage director Marshall Pynkoski and choreographer Jeanette Lajeunesse Zingg’s earlier encounters with Lucio Silla at the 2013 Salzburg Festival, seen by Opera Going Toronto when transplanted to Teatro alla Scala in 2015, the once dimly regarded piece is raised to the level of the magnificent. This is opera seria in all its over the top glory, outrageous, turbulent, thrilling.

– Opera Going Toronto review by Ian Ritchie

“Opera Atelier is celebrating 30 years this season. With each new production, its co-artistic directors – Pynkoski and Lajeunesse Zingg – add fresh layers of fine craft and artistry to their efforts. This company is no longer just a gift to the people of Toronto, but is now a gift to lovers of opera the world over, and that in itself deserves the rousing standing ovation that greeted the final curtain on Thursday night.

– Musical Toronto review by John Terauds

“With the Canadian premiere of the work by Opera Atelier, audiences have the chance to experience a seminal work within the classical music canon.”

– Toronto Star review by Catherine Kustanczy

“Mozart’s unparalleled genius, blended with the freshness of youth and idealism, made for a night of very charming, light, yet sumptuously intricate lyrical singing.”

– Mooney on Theatre review by Keira Grant

“I’ve wondered what was so special about this opera, having heard about previous Opera Atelier presentations of the work in Europe, and now I know…So in other words do go see Lucio Silla.”

– Barcza Blog review by Leslie Barcza

“This is, more or less, the production that played at the Salzburg Festival and, later, at La Scala to considerable critical acclaim.  It’s not hard to see why. It’s much the best thing Opera Atelier has done in a while.”

– Opera Ramblings review by John Gilks

“The singing in this production is phenomenal, but that’s only part of why it succeeds so well…This production marks the Canadian premiere of the work and it’s hard to imagine a better beginning for what, hopefully, will be a long life here.”

– No Rules No Lights review by Brian Hay



Profile of Opera Atelier patron Michael Wekerle.

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