There are few opera companies in Canada that have shown a more solid and consistent commitment to the ongoing development of young Canadian artists.

Opera Atelier prides itself on the fact that it operates much like a repertory theatre company. By this we mean that having identified young artists who are suitable for our repertoire, we continue hiring them on a regular basis while developing and training them from a musical and dramatic point of view.

Opera Atelier has collaborated with some of Canada’s most renowned artists, and has nurtured the careers of emerging artists. Opera Atelier provides unique opportunities for emerging artists to develop their craft after graduating from the various pre-professional training programs in the country and many Canadian artists have made their professional debut in Opera Atelier productions. We are proud that we provide great opportunities during the early stages of an artist’s career that has allowed them to go on to national and international careers.

Artists such as Colin Ainsworth, Frédéric Antoun, Russell Braun, Norine Burgess, Benjamin Butterfield, Brent Carver, Alain Coulombe, Carla Huhtanen, Laird Mackintosh, Shannon Mercer, Nathalie Paulin, Brett Polegato, Gary Relyea, Michael Schade, Jean Stilwell, Kristina Szabó, John Tessier, Lawrence Wiliford, Measha Brueggergosman have all made debuts with Opera Atelier.

In recent years, Opera Atelier has also given opportunities to young artists like Ambur Braid, Thomas MacLeay, Cassandra Warner, Mireille Asselin, Meghan Lindsay and Vasil Garvanliev.

Top Banner: Marshall Pynkoski, Christopher Bagan and Christopher Enns, tenor.
Photo Credit: Claire Lucht.