Mark Your Calendars!

 Date  Location  Event
Feb. 22-28 Milan, Italy   Milan Patron Tour
Mar. 19 Roberts Gallery   Salon Evening
Mar. 26 Elgin Rehearsal Hall   Working Rehearsal
May 20 Four Seasons Hotel   Versailles Gala
June 11 private home   Baroque Court Season Closing Party
Nov. 17-22 Paris & Versailles, France   VIP Patron Tour









Many of our events are by invitation only, and are reserved for our most loyal supporters. For more information please contact Monica Calzaretto at or 416.703.3767 x228.

Top Banner: Der Freischütz (The Marksman) Krešimir Špicer, Meghan Lindsay and Artists of Atelier Ballet.
Photo Credit: Bruce Zinger 2013.