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Dear Friends,

At last we are able to share with you some of the beautiful photographs taken during Opera Atelier’s tour of Persée to the Royal Opera House/ Versailles. We purposely waited until the official photograph was unveiled in the press – which happened yesterday.

For those of you who did not have the opportunity to see Bruce Zinger’s jaw-dropping “Hall of Mirrors” shot which accompanied Richard Ouzounian’s marvelous article “Toronto Exports Opera to the World”, I enclose the link.

Due to security issues at the Palace of Versailles, we were limited as to the number of artists who could participate. Following our final performance, eight of our performers quickly had makeup and hair touch ups and we raced to what is arguably the most beautiful room in the world and began a two-hour shoot.

In addition to our cover shot run by the Toronto Star, we selected scenes from the opera – enacting them for OA photographer Bruce Zinger who was fully aware that this was the opportunity of a lifetime! Bruce was also racing against the clock as dusk was falling and Bruce was working with only natural light.

Over the next couple of weeks, I look forward to sharing some of the most exceptional photographs with you.

Let’s begin with what was one of my favourite scenes in the opera – the moment when Persée throws himself at Andromede’s feet, convinced that she does not love him. I’ve never in my career as a director seen anyone hit the deck with the passion and conviction of tenor Chris Enns. This gorgeous photo says it all – including Andremede’s (Soprano Mireille Asselin) anguished state of indecision.


Mireille Asselin and Christopher Enns. Photo by Bruce Zinger.


Persée: … “de mes regards vos beaux yeux sont blessez, Vous souffrez à me voir, mon amour vous outrage: Je vais chercher Meduse et je vous aime assez, pour ne vous pas contraindre à  souffrir davantage”

Andromede: “Quoy, pour jamais vous me quittez. Persée, arrêtez, arrêtez”

– Marshall

Stay tuned for more …


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