Did you know that on average it takes one hour to master one minute of choreography?

Our dance corps puts in approximately 140 hours of work per production, consisting of workshops and rehearsals. Our dancers also train privately (many with our own School of Atelier Ballet!) to stay in shape, and work with other dance and theatre companies.

We came in at the end of a 3-day Abduction from the Seraglio workshop to capture them all in action.


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2 Responses to “Photos from our Abduction Dancer Workshop”

  • Roderick Johnson says:

    Move your head and pull your shoulders back. Point your toes and listen to the rhythm of the music.
    stay in line and keep your eyes focus. Work with your partner and become one with your character. Be professional and work as a true artist… Make it better…. Yes Much Better…

    It is good for you and the entire production.
    signed: Redds/ Canadian -Bahamian Choreographer.

  • Roderick Johnson says:

    I enjoyed viewing the rehearsal photos. Each one speaks a Million words. Good luck on each performance.

    Your greatest Fan.

    Roderick Johnson