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We had an exciting rehearsal the other day with some very special guests!

The Magic Flute is the perfect opportunity to introduce your friends and loved-ones of all ages to the world of Mozart, and we got to do just that with a few of our youngest friends! Below you will find a couple of clips from one of the most entertaining rehearsals we have experienced.

Not only was it a wonderful opportunity for these kids, it also gives great feedback to our artists. The Magic Flute is a magical, comical fairytale, and getting your timing right is really hard! What better way to know if you’re getting it perfect than to see the looks on your audience members’ faces?

You might notice some other interesting things in these clips. Our singers have rehearsal anywhere from 4-12 hours a day, 6 days a week, for 5 weeks leading up to the performances! That can put a lot of strain on their voices. Because of this, they do something called “marking” where they sing at a lower volume to save their voices. To further protect their voices, singers are very careful in their off-time, not talking too much with friends or on the phone, because even everyday conversation can sometimes be straining. Our orchestra joins the singers later, when they have perfected their parts, and so right now the singers practice with a pianist only. The piano has to represent the entire orchestra, but can only convey so much – this changes the dynamic with the singers, and so what you hear here is really only a shadow of what you will experience onstage at the Elgin this April!


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