Making of an Opera

Since 1996, Opera Atelier’s Making of an Opera program has annually given more than 1,000 young people a one-day, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn about, participate in, and experience the magic of opera, completely free of charge.

Through an interactive workshop environment, school groups of students aged 12-18 have the opportunity to work with the professional team behind our productions to explore every aspect of opera. These workshops take place at the theatre or in the classroom.

These interactive sessions culminate in students attending one of our productions for free, rounding out their multi-faceted experience.

These sessions may include:

  • The social and historical context of opera, as interpreted in Opera Atelier’s productions.
  • Key elements of musical style, with performances by Opera Atelier singers.
  • Set design, looking at how materials, set painting, construction methods and lighting techniques are used to set the visual tone of a production.
  • Stage fighting, with expert fight trainers guiding students through the basic techniques, complete with real stage swords and culminating in a performance by students.
  • The fundamentals of Baroque dancing, taught by Opera Atelier’s Jeannette Lajeunesse Zingg, Choreographer/ Director of the School of Atelier Ballet and culminating in a dance performance by students.

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Top Banner: Making of an Opera students, Fall 2013.
Photo Credit: Bruce Zinger.