Professional Training

Workshops for Opera Atelier Artists

Opera Atelier runs core training programs that not only contribute to the success of our own productions, but enhance the artistic product internationally. Because of the very nature of our mandate, we perform long-ignored works in a performance style for which there is no core training in our national institutions. Given this reality, it is impossible for these operas to be prepared in the conventional three-week rehearsal schedule. Therefore, Opera Atelier had made a commitment to develop a pool of Canadian artists who are comfortable with the stylistic exigencies of historically informed performance. We achieve this by bringing in conductors, music directors, continuo players and soloists for intensive one week workshops prior to the rehearsal period. If artists are not available for group workshops, we provide one-on-one coaching. We also conduct one week of workshops for the dancers participating in new or revised productions. These workshops allow the artists to familiarize themselves with the historic context, and movement behind their character.

Top Banner: Marshall Pynkoski, Christopher Bagan and Christopher Enns, tenor.
Photo Credit: Claire Lucht.